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Let us introduce the Hotel SoleGARTEN

Far beyond the borders of Germany, the Black Forest is estimated to be a popular holiday region. Bad Dürrheim plays a special role as a health resort with three predicates. The mixture of relaxation, wellness and leisure offers is particularly well estimated by the visitors. And the “Pearl” of Bad Dürrheim, the Hotel SoleGARTEN, offers not only numerous pampering programs, but is also the perfect starting point for all soothing excursions. Best conditions for a “Salty Time out” ! Thanks to the good location of the hotel, all the attractions are within walking distance. In the Hotel SoleGARTEN you will find a beautiful ambience, which fully meets the needs of its surroudings. Individually and traditionally furnished, the “coming down” and relaxing here is particularly easy. The package deals range from staying together in a cozy atmosphere to meetings of up to 80 people . For family celebrations, anniversaries and company events, we offer the right framework. Every day our Bistro Bar provides stylish bar-lounge-music with delicious cocktails and snacks. In summertime  you can join our terrace, which turns out to be a meeting place for the good mood.


In general, every house has a so-called “good soul”“. We are lucky enough to have several of them. Because only a hearty and committed team makes a hotel stay a coherent holiday experience.With her friendly voice, Elke Ahlschläger welcomes our guests to the Reception. Charlene Moßbacher prepares breakfast with lots of love  and in the evening, Nikole Siepmann, the barkeeper ensures a perfect finish of the day with fresh Cocktails, Drinks and small Snacks.

Team Hotel SoleGARTEN

SoleGARTEN Wellness centre

Hand on hart, who does not feel tense today? Already when leaving the room on the way to the massage room comes anticipation. Because who ever has experienced the massage is always happy to come back. The same for the visit in our Cosmetic room. Here we offer special peeling treatments (e.g. salt peeling for purification). The valuable peeling salts are from Bad Dürrheim, where salt has been mined for several hundred years. Please select and book a wellness-combi treatment according to your personal desire.

SoleGARTEN - what awaits you in the hotel?

Bad Dürrheim - Climatic Spa ressort with three Predicates

Bad Dürrheim proves to be an optimal spa and holiday resort for the whole family thanks the three supporting pillars “Health”, “Wellness” and “Sports”. Located in one of the most beautiful holiday regions, the Black Forest, Bad Dürrheim offers a high competence as a Spa and rehabilitation resort since more than 150 years. The salt production left behind cultural traces and up today the power of the brine exerts a vitalizing effect on the body. The brine is extracted from primeval seas from a depth of 300 m. Bad Dürrheim, the spa resort with the three predicats „Sole-Heilbad“, „Heilklimatischer Kurort“ (Premium Class) und „Kneipp-Kurort“  (Salt water-, healing climate- and Kneipp resort) is the perfect place to spend relaxed holidays.  Start your relaxation and well-being in the  Hotel am SoleGARTEN. From there, daily excursions are planned. Situated in the most attractive holiday region, the Black Forest, Bad Dürrheim bis also famous for the so-called “Wellness for the skin” . Benefit not only from the unique spa facilities but also from the beautiful landscape and healthy climate of the Black Forest.

In the year 2013, Bad Dürrheim awarded the predicate „Kneippkurort“. Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized natural healing in the 19th century. The result of his long-term studies is a visionary and timeless concept of life, including regular exercises, healthy eating and mental-spiritual balance. In Bad Dürrheim you will find a lot of attractive offers concerning the topic “Kneipp”. In the Spa gardens, for example, you will find the Kneipp area with Kneipp gardens, barefoot trace, cold water pool for a barfoot walk a.s.o. A further reason for a stay in the Spa resort Bad Dürrheim is not only the healing brine but also the prealpine climate with above average hours of sunshine and few misty days. The healing climate predicate is is a very special award because the therapeutic effect of the climate on health must be scientifically proven. For  your health and fitness a reliable climate is necessary and not the present weather conditions!. Already a short stay in our spa town will bring relaxation for body and mind.

The spa gardens and the wellness and health centre SOLEMAR

Relax and feel free. Do you imagine the great feeling to “float” in a 37° C warm water? Experience the vitalizing effects of the valuable brine minerals . The health and wellness resort SOLEMAR with its 13 indoor- and outdoor pools (brine concentration up to 7% on about 4.000 m²) offers Aqua Gym, provides a brine-Geyser- steam bath as well as a Dead-Seal-Salt Grotto – everything for your comfortable and healthy stay.

Feel comfortable and relaxed in the Dead-Sea-Salt-Grotto. Body and mind are in balance. Thermal bath Solemar: Perfect conditions for wellbeing and relaxation are given in the thermal bath Solemar. Since 1987 the so-called “most beautiful sea in the Black Forest” attracts thousands of visitors. Situated in the Spa gardens, you will enjoy a very special bath experience. Brine-Gyser steam bath, Dead-Sea-Salt-Grotto, beach-like garden and a Kneipp-area are only some highlights of the   wellness- and health resort Solemar, which already gained various international awards.

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We offer holidays without additional costs in our Hotel am SoleGARTEN. Leasure time and Thermal bath free of charge with the Gästekarte+!
Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Bad Dürrheim in the Black Forest and experience with the Gästekarte+ various attractions free of charge.

Active holidays in the surroundings of the Hotel am SoleGARTEN

Of course, its your choice to select either relaxing or active holidays. Perhaps you want to go for a little walk with your family through the Spa gardens or you are planning to visit the thermal bath Solemar. “Float” in the 37° C warm brine water and feel free! Be sportive and take part at the free of charge Aqua Gym courses. Hiking, Nordic Walking or Cycling are further wellbeing sports for your active holidays. If you are interested in local history and traditions, the “Heimatmuseum” and the Carnival museum “Narrenschopf” might be of interest to you.. Open-air concerts during the “SommerSINNfonie” and cultural events played in “Kultur im Club” are only a part of the wide range of cultural events during the year. The BALLONfestival in Septembre attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Shopping in Bad Dürrheim:

Shopping in Bad Dürrheim plays a special role. Lovely shops in the city and a wide range of products offered in the shopping centres leave nothing to be desired.


Highlights in the Black Forest

Bad Dürrheim is situated on the prealpine plateau called “Baar”, between the 12.000 km² large holiday region Black Forest in the South-West, the Swabian Alb in the East and Switzerland in the South. Above average hours of sunshine, low humidity and the prealpine climate are the basics for wellbeing in Bad Dürrheim. Are you interested in some highlights next to us? Go for a walk to the castle BURG HOHENZOLLERN and enjoy the phantastic sight over a beautiful landscape. Visit the source of the Danube in Donaueschingen,  the old farm houses in the open-air museum FREILICHTMUSEUM VOGTSBAUERNHOF. Go for a hike to the Hohentwiel in Singen and discover the HEGAU – VULKANE & Castles. Further highlights are the waterfalls TRIBERGER WASSERFÄLLE, the TITISEE and the Lake Constance. After a final shopping tour in our lovely neighbour-city Villingen-Schwenningen find comfort and relaxation in our cosy rooms in the Hotel SoleGARTEN

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